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About EVSC Professional Development

EVSC professional development has one goal: student success, as defined by the EVSC Strategic Plan.

In an effort to be the most effective in their roles within the EVSC, staff, faculty, and administrators strive to…

  • Improve their skills
  • Excel in their work
  • Stay on the leading edge of technology
  • Implement best practices

The EVSC is committed to providing ongoing, job-embedded professional development activities that promote a culture of continuous learning for all staff members of the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation.

Professional development programs are planned collaboratively by administrators, teachers, and other staff members. These programs provide highly focused educational opportunities.

Coaching is an integral part of professional development. EVSC coaches are experienced educators within the EVSC who…

  • Provide mentoring to teachers about data-driven instruction and its effects on curriculum instruction
  • Assist teachers with review of standards, lesson design, and observation of student behaviors
  • Model best practices in the work environment of fellow EVSC staff members
  • Work with multiple schools to ensure implementation of best teaching practices, assessment measurements, and analysis of data and engagement strategies.
Professional Development