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EVSC Professional Development FAQ

Here you'll find answers to commonly asked questions about EVSC professional development.

How do I cancel a registration?

Under My Workshops, click the "cancel" button on the row of the PD that you no longer wish to attend.

Am I able to earn points through serving as a cooperating teacher for student teachers or practicum pre-service placements?

Points may be earned for this experience. The purpose of the PGP is to allow educators to use a variety of professional development activities to renew their license(s). Having a student teacher or a practicum student in classroom is an opportunity for meaningful reflection and inquiry regarding curriculum, pedagogy, and classroom management. Therefore, the IDOE encourages Administrators to verify no more than 30 PGP points/hours for serving as a cooperating teacher for a student teacher and 15 PGP points/hours for serving as a cooperating teacher for a practicum experience. The total earned should be reflective of the time the individual educator spends reflecting, planning, and mentoring the university students.

How do I renew my professional license using the Growth Plan?

Educators attend conferences, workshops, participate in curriculum development committees, participate in school improvement plans, and take coursework to stay up-to-date on the latest educational reforms in addition to their classroom responsibilities. The Professional Growth Plan (PGP) is an opportunity for teachers, administrators and school service personnel to control their own professional development and use these experiences towards licensing renewal. One PGP point is given for every contact hour an educator is actively involved in a professional development activity. A total of 90 PGP points is required for submission. PGP activities must be gained since the issue date of the license being renewed.

Starting May 14,2010, Educators who hold renewable Bulletin 400, Rules 46-47 and Rules 2002 licenses issued by the Office of Educator Licensing and Development (OELD) may use the Professional Growth Plan to renew those licenses. It is one of three options for renewal for all license holders.

If you are currently working in a school setting, your PGP must be verified by your Building Level Administrator, Superintendent, Director or Supervisor. Your Administrator will sign off on your PGP Verification Form once he/she has verified your 90 PGP points.

"For more info" on PGP & License Renewal

Please go to this web site:

Professional Growth Plan for Educators Currently Working in a School Setting

Educators that are currently working in a school setting will need to complete their PGP and then have it verified by their Building Level Administrator, Superintendent, Director or Supervisor.

A total of 90 PGP points are required for submission. The professional growth experience points shall be calculated with (1) clock hour qualifying for (1) professional growth experience point based on, but not limited to, the following activities:

The PGP Renewal Information & Verification Form and Professional Growth Plan Experience Log must be filled out completely and signed off by the appropriate individuals.

What Experiences Count Towards My PGP?

A. Job-Embedded Professional Development.
B. Professional growth experiences that improve curriculum knowledge, instructinal skill, class management skills, or any other professional growth experiences.
C. Professional Conference/Workshop/ Institute.
D. Providing Professional Development.
E. Curriculum Development.
F. Professional Programs/Committees
G. School Improvement Process

Renewing license

The IDOE is currently reviewing ways in which teachers and administrators can renew their licenses. As soon as it is released we will post to this website.

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Professional Development